In this episode, Megan Eatman talks with members of the Digital Writing and Research Lab's Digital Archiving Group, as well as a co-chair of the Rappaport Center's Human Rights and Archives Working Group, to learn more about their approaches to and struggles with, archiving. The lab's Cole Wehrle and Sarah Frank discuss the challenges of building an archive from a wide variety of digital and physical materials, and the Rappaport Center's Charlotte Nunes provides suggestions for how scholars can approach archival work in a more radical way.

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In this episode of Zeugma, Axel Bohmann explores the world of sports and fan cultures. A number of fantasy sports players talk about their respective leagues, their motivations for joining them, and the way being a league member has influenced their perspective as fans. We also take a look at roller derby, which has come a long way from its humble beginnings on Austin's 6th Street to currently being the fastest growing sport in the world. Derby announcers Koolaid and Chip Queso explain how the culture of the sport has taken some decisive turns over its history and why derby is about so much more than just sports.

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