Riffing: What is it? It's a collaborative effort minus communication, an experiment with the unknown; it's developing something creative from a minimal snippet of audio and working extremely freely within very defined parameters. It's Zeugma members developing ideas off of each other--or tripping each other up and deliberately misinterpreting each other. It's a mix of exciting, weird, and hilarious that is hard to explain. Best just give it a listen.

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In this episode of Zeugma Beck Wise explores hacking broadly conceived as transformative practice and the way it intersects with rhetorical teaching and research. In an audio essay. she introduces her own "Rhetoric of Hacking" class and its pedagogical approach. She also interviews Steven LeMieux about the machinic invention project group at UT's Digital Writing and Research Lab, which explores the rhetorical constraints and affordances of working with objects like 3D printers and single-board micro-computers.

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Have you heard the one about the Lacanian who made a podcast on laughter? They say it's hysterical.

Thank you, thank you. We'll be here all week.

In this episode of Zeugma, Jake Cowan digs into just what tickles our funny bones. To lend a hand, Jake asked Charles Rogers--the co-writer and director of the award-winning satirical film Fort Tilden--and Austin comedian Justin Davidson to talk about just what cracks them up.

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