Every year, the DWRL holds a Speaker Series event, inviting scholars from across the country to present research that sits at the intersections of rhetoric, writing, and digital technology. In past years, the lab has hosted Cynthia Selfe, Victor Vitanza, DJ Spooky, Jody Shipka, Cynthia Haynes, and Gregory Ulmer. In 2015, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Collin Brooke, associate professor of rhetoric and writing at Syracuse University. Dr. Brooke also serves as the Director of Electronic Resources for the Rhetoric Society of America and is the author of the book Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media.

His talk at the DWRL was entitled "Entropics of Discourse: Post/human Rhetorics Amidst the Networks." In that talk, part of an in-progress book project, he traced connections between the so-called "master tropes," network studies, and the concept of entropy. I sat down with him before the talk to discuss these concepts and connections, and about the particular challenges of choosing the medium or media in which digital rhetorical work gets published.

In addition to his larger projects, Dr. Brooke is also the curator of Rhetsy, a weekly collection of, quote, "rhetorical miscellany," which you can subscribe to here.

Check back soon for an interview with Dr. Jody Shipka, the lab's 2014 speaker.

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